New Year New Me Bullshit

It's 2014! Yay! The beginning of the new year! Time to reflect on who I am, how much I've grown and what I want to accomplish for the year ahead. New Year New Me!!!


Shouldn't we care about our bodies, careers, relationships and bettering ourselves on a daily basis year round? One would think. But here's where I do a 180 and completely contradict myself. I'm on that new year new me bullshit! I can't believe it...I'm that girl. That cliché. I want to punch myself!

But on that note here are my goals for the new year! #newyearnewmebullshit

     1. Current weight as of this morning- 121
         60 day goal weight AND keeping it off- 115

     2. Go back to brunette, well semi-brunette and letting my actual hair have a chance to grow.

     3. Learn to drive a stick shift (in case my BF has a heart attack and I have to drive his car to the   
         hospital. I don't want him to die. I want him to live. So I'm learning to drive a stick to save his
         life one day. That was not a dramatic picture drawn at all.)

     4. Keep this blog going bi-weekly. Well, at least weekly!!!!!

I'll try to be some what realistic and just start there. #newyearnewme


The Other White Meat

Sunday night I attended the tasting event "All-Star Cochon" presented by Drinkboard for Foodie Fest held at Common Wealth on Fremont St- celebrating pork...the other white meat. If there were ever to be an event held in honor of butchering an animal and demonstrating how to prepare it, it should be for the PIG! And so it was.

My favorite dish was a beef tartare served on a potato chip fried in duck fat. Yes Please. This was bought to us by the genius mind of Gerald Chin of Stripsteak at Mandalay Bay. For the rest of the evening I only consumed mass amounts cheese and wine. Who goes to a pork inspired event brought to you by the king and queens of Cochon chefs and doesn't eat pig? ...This girl. But I swear I have a legitimate excuse. Two words. Labor Wines. If you haven't tried this wine yet, you must. They say "It is made with the labor of love"...I wouldn't give a fuck if it was made with children's tears and kittens as long as it tasted as delicious as it does. I was drinking so much of their pinot noir I didn't have room in my stomach for animal carcass. It got so bad I sent my boyfriend back to get me another glass because I thought they would cut me off! But they knew it was for me and still gave it to him because they are obviously filled with love and I support that.

Besides watching a butcher hack away at a pig and auction it off I spent the evening on the roof making new friends...and I don't mean Babe. Ha ha...get it. Oh shut up and look at my pictures. ;)



Not A Wheel...In Miami!



This time last week I was sipping white sangria and chugging pitchers of mojitos poolside at The Delano also known as "A Gangsters Paradise" in South Beach with my boyfriend. Yes that's right- you heard me- I'm not a Wheel anymore! I have a boyfriend! Na na na boo boo(insert fart noise here). Sorry for acting like a child and rubbing it in your face but I feel like a kid and God damn it, it's my turn already! You now ask "Who is this magnificent man thats got this lil hood rat on lock?" Well, I'll introduce him to you...

His name is Scott. He has a good face. He's in fighting shape. He likes whiskey. He smells likes whiskey. He has a job. The job has something to do with shoes? He only wears white t-shirts. He doesn't like eating cow. He likes eating pig. He has a weird obsession with octopus? He rides a motorcycle. He likes me and I like that.

Now back to Miami.

We spent most of the weekend extremely intoxicated and horizontal, poolside and in our room. We didn't step foot on the beach or go in the ocean but we stared at it from our hotel room window...which I find hilarious. We did step foot into The Webster where Scott bought me an amazing t-shirt that says "We met in Las Vegas" which is beyond fitting and actually really sweet to me. He also bought me a stunning dance inspired fashion magazine that I left on the plane! It will forever be the coffee table book that never was. And we stuffed our face with amazing food at Bazaar, Red and Havana 1957. Hands down it was an amazing weekend and I wish I was there right now. But I'm not. So I'll just live vicariously though my own blog.


Fright Dome- Opening Night

Being a Scream Queen and Rock N' Roll chick, I'm sure it comes as no surprise that Halloween is my favorite holiday. And what better way to kick off the month of October and Halloween festivities then attending the opening night of Fright Dome at Circus Circus? Oh I know...having a date to take with you! Boom!

Thursday, October 3rd I attended the opening night of Fright Dome at Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. I started the evening off at 6:30pm walking the "Black Carpet". As I made my way to the center of the carpet Vince Neil ran up behind me, screamed in my ear and scared the shit out me. When my obligations of picture taking were done we were on our way to the fun stuff!

Once inside, my boyfriend Scott(yes I have a boyfriend, get off my case, I'll officially introduce him in a later blog) and I had a drink and went through a maze with Vince Neil, his girlfriend Rain, guitarist from Guns N' Roses DJ Ashba, and their entourages. We continued our shoulder rubbing and now name dropping evening with my homie Dread Central's Sean Decker and the writer/director of "The Collector" and "The Collection" Marcus Dunstan. When first meeting Marcus he said " Its such a pleasure to meet you, how exciting you dance for Motley Crue. That's amazing!". I said "thank you" but in my head I was thinking ummmm...you wrote and directed the movies that are the main mazes here...? Seriously?! LOL. Walking through the Collector and Collection mazes with the writer/director and seeing him experience it first hand was an experience all its own.

When I had enough schmoozing Scott and I broke off on our own. We rode a few roller coasters and I pretty much just kept pushing him in front of me so he would get scared and I would be safe. Then I could act tough and make fun of him for jumping like a little girl. It was a win win for me.

FYI...Fright Dome is a blast, so if you have a chance to go while in Vegas don't be a bitch and DO IT!



Motley Crue...not the Same Ol' Situation

Sunday night I went to Motley Crue's second residency at Hard Rock's the Joint. This was definitely not the Same Ol' Situation for the most obvious reason. Sofi and I are not performing in these shows. Since I've worked with the Crue in the last three years they've done runs without performers. But this time was different because the shows are in my backyard, so I was actually able to attend. It sounds so crazy to say but it was my first time seeing a Motley Crue concert! I was completely ready for a true rock n roll experience and I got it!

I started the evening off pre-gaming with Vince's girlfriend Rain at Nobu around seven pm. I then met up with my Motley Crue partner in crime, Sofi, for dinner at Culinary Dropout. Culinary Dropout had a special Motley Crue drink list and one of the drinks was named Bitters, Bitters, Bitters! That drink hit a little to close to home for us! LOL! After dinner we headed straight to The Joint to make sure we didn't miss the intro to the show. We watched the first thirty minutes of the show from the front of house sound booth. It really is the best seat in the house if you ever get the chance to groupie your way in there. Rain then me texted me that she was at a table on the second level and had a bottle of wine waiting on me. So having my priorities straight I gave up the best seat in the house for alcohol.

Back to the show. The residency's theme is "An Evening in Hell' and is entirely based on fire. And boy did they deliver. You could feel the heat from the flames where we were sitting on the second level. Everybody knows one of my favorite Motley songs is "Home Sweet Home''. The song actually hits a soft spot with me when living on the road. Plus I just love a good dramatic belt. So of course my favorite part of the show had to be when Tommy played "Home Sweet Home" on the piano that was on fire!

When the concert was done I hung out with Sofi, Tommy and a few of Tommy's guest in Tommy's dressing room. Just when I thought the night couldn't get better, Sofi re-gifted me with a porno and a ton of lube and anal lube. Hanging out backstage at a Motley Crue concert isn't complete without be gifted with lube. I finished off my night hanging out in the Peacock bar with Vince, Rain and Vegas music buddies Chris star of Zowie Bowie and Lydia musician for Rod Stewart. We were there till God knows what time consuming God knows how much alcohol. Overall from what I remember before blacking out, I truly believe I couldn't have had a better first Motley Crue concert experience!!!

Thanks to Sofi and Rain for such a fun night!


National Singles Week


As I was watching Kathy Lee and Hoda yesterday morning, like I do every morning, I was informed it's National Singles Week! Oh yippie! Another reminder I'm single! Am I supposed to celebrate sleeping alone every night? Cooking dinner for one? And being the fifth wheel? I've seriously been the fifth wheel for so long and dated so many Jewish guys my brother-in-law nicknamed me Wheel Goldstein. True story.

Oh wait, that's right, I'm supposed to celebrate that I am a "Strong I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T Woman!". At the end of the day it has been my decision to put my career and traveling before relationships, which I do not regret for one second. So instead of getting mad at someone for making up this ridiculous holiday that lasts an entire week, I will use it as an excuse to go out and get drunk. I am going to treat myself to a early weekend and go on a three day drinking binge. It just so happens this weekend is also the opening weekend of Motley Crue's Residency at the Hard Rock. Coincidence? I think not! I have also decided that if I have to celebrate this holiday again when it rolls around next year I am going to do what Carrie Bradshaw did Sex in the City. I am going to register at all my favorite stores and throw myself a "I'm fabulous and SINGLE!" party. All of my friends have received gifts for one of the following...baby showers, engagement parties, bridal showers and weddings! Where are my presents for supporting myself my entire life and not contributing to our already overflowing school system? I am putting my foot down right now! Well not right now. Next year I'll put my foot down. Now I drink! Till then...

"She got her own house, She got her own car. Two jobs, work hard, you a bad broad." - Lil Webbie


Backstreets Back Alright!

Is it 1996? Sure felt like it on Saturday night because I went to the Backstreet Boys concert at Mandalay Bay. I don't know if admitting I went to a BSB concert voluntarily is amazing or depressing? So let me give you a few details to prove to you(ME) that being thirty and going to a washed up boy band concert isn't sad!

First of all, I bought my ticket on Groupon for only twenty dollars! Second, I bought a BSB beanie online for only four dollars! It cost me more to ship the damn thing. So at least I can say I didn't spend an arm and a leg on the evening. I did spend over a hundred dollars on booze but I would have spent that much at any bar. And most importantly I got to have a girls night out and nothings better than that! Well, going on a date with an awesome guy and getting laid is better but this was a very close second.

Some of my favorite highlights from the evening were...

***Starting a drinking game. The rules were simple...drink every time:
1. They say "LAS VEGAAAAS!"
2. They lift their shirts up to show their "abs".
3. They mention how long they've been around.
We kept track of how many times this occurred with the lap counter on the iphone. Our total was fifty eight! Needless to say we were hammered.

***Getting in multiple verbal arguments with drunk annoying guys and with girls who thought I was making fun of BSB. I'm sorry, did you not notice my beanie and when did getting drunk and having a blast translate to talking shit? So for the rest of the evening I humped the back of the girls head who tried to start a fight with me.
Disclaimer: If you start a verbal argument with me I will not back down. I am going to win. Now start a physical fight with me and I'll scream like a bitch and run for the hills. I love my nose and my hair is clipped in, so if you pull it, it will come out. And that's not cute!

***Dancing! Dancing! and Dancing! I couldn't feel bad for the amount of calories I consumed in alcohol cause I know I burned them off dancing. That's saying a lot!

***Laughing! Laughing! and Laughing! BSB got serious for a second to prove their legitimacy as a real band and said "We're going to sing "acapella" for you". They ask "Are you ready to hear us "acapella?". We scream! They say "Scream if you want to hear us "acapella"?. We scream! Then they pull out instruments! I am not joking! I started dying laughing! They're kidding right? Did no one tell them that acapella is JUST vocals? I was like "Do they mean acoustic?". I started yelling "Acoustic! You mean acoustic!". Obviously this pissed off the girl in front of me who already hated me.

We wrapped up our night at Eye Candy inside Mandalay Bay dancing and drinking more, if possible. I seriously haven't had that much fun in...well, Ever! So in some ways, me saying it's one of the best concerts I've ever been to is not a lie. But also saying, it might be one of the worst concerts I've ever been to is not a lie either. Confused...me too. So on that note I'll leave you with my favorite BSB lyrics. I would love to think they really wrote these and really felt this way about a girl. When in actuality I know some coked up producer in the Hollywood Hills wrote them one night on a three day binge. But one day I think a guy will feel this way about me, or I really hope so, cause I've done some crazy shit!

"I don't care who you are. Where you're from. Don't care what you did. As long as you love me baby." -BSB