Motley Crue...not the Same Ol' Situation

Sunday night I went to Motley Crue's second residency at Hard Rock's the Joint. This was definitely not the Same Ol' Situation for the most obvious reason. Sofi and I are not performing in these shows. Since I've worked with the Crue in the last three years they've done runs without performers. But this time was different because the shows are in my backyard, so I was actually able to attend. It sounds so crazy to say but it was my first time seeing a Motley Crue concert! I was completely ready for a true rock n roll experience and I got it!

I started the evening off pre-gaming with Vince's girlfriend Rain at Nobu around seven pm. I then met up with my Motley Crue partner in crime, Sofi, for dinner at Culinary Dropout. Culinary Dropout had a special Motley Crue drink list and one of the drinks was named Bitters, Bitters, Bitters! That drink hit a little to close to home for us! LOL! After dinner we headed straight to The Joint to make sure we didn't miss the intro to the show. We watched the first thirty minutes of the show from the front of house sound booth. It really is the best seat in the house if you ever get the chance to groupie your way in there. Rain then me texted me that she was at a table on the second level and had a bottle of wine waiting on me. So having my priorities straight I gave up the best seat in the house for alcohol.

Back to the show. The residency's theme is "An Evening in Hell' and is entirely based on fire. And boy did they deliver. You could feel the heat from the flames where we were sitting on the second level. Everybody knows one of my favorite Motley songs is "Home Sweet Home''. The song actually hits a soft spot with me when living on the road. Plus I just love a good dramatic belt. So of course my favorite part of the show had to be when Tommy played "Home Sweet Home" on the piano that was on fire!

When the concert was done I hung out with Sofi, Tommy and a few of Tommy's guest in Tommy's dressing room. Just when I thought the night couldn't get better, Sofi re-gifted me with a porno and a ton of lube and anal lube. Hanging out backstage at a Motley Crue concert isn't complete without be gifted with lube. I finished off my night hanging out in the Peacock bar with Vince, Rain and Vegas music buddies Chris star of Zowie Bowie and Lydia musician for Rod Stewart. We were there till God knows what time consuming God knows how much alcohol. Overall from what I remember before blacking out, I truly believe I couldn't have had a better first Motley Crue concert experience!!!

Thanks to Sofi and Rain for such a fun night!


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    1. Morgan Jennifer/ Draven_CordaySeptember 24, 2013 at 8:58 PM

      So awesome. Thanks for the blog, helps fill the void since i had tickets to be there but legal BS prevented me from going (only to have my legal stuff rescheduled at the last minute.) xoxo

    2. Motley Crue has a restraining order against you too? : )