New Year New Me Bullshit

It's 2014! Yay! The beginning of the new year! Time to reflect on who I am, how much I've grown and what I want to accomplish for the year ahead. New Year New Me!!!


Shouldn't we care about our bodies, careers, relationships and bettering ourselves on a daily basis year round? One would think. But here's where I do a 180 and completely contradict myself. I'm on that new year new me bullshit! I can't believe it...I'm that girl. That cliché. I want to punch myself!

But on that note here are my goals for the new year! #newyearnewmebullshit

     1. Current weight as of this morning- 121
         60 day goal weight AND keeping it off- 115

     2. Go back to brunette, well semi-brunette and letting my actual hair have a chance to grow.

     3. Learn to drive a stick shift (in case my BF has a heart attack and I have to drive his car to the   
         hospital. I don't want him to die. I want him to live. So I'm learning to drive a stick to save his
         life one day. That was not a dramatic picture drawn at all.)

     4. Keep this blog going bi-weekly. Well, at least weekly!!!!!

I'll try to be some what realistic and just start there. #newyearnewme

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  1. I'll teach you how to drive a stick like a champ, Kyler! - Sean